International Journal of Press/Politics Virtual Conference 2021

From 13-16 September 2021, the seventh conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics took place. This virtual conference was organized by Cristian Vaccari (Editor-in-Chief of IJPP and Director of the Centre for Research in Communication & Culture at Loughborough University). The conference focused on the relationship between media and political processes around the world.

DATADRIVEN team member and PhD candidate Sophie Minihold presented preliminary findings of her cumulative dissertation titled “Exploring Digital Campaign Competence: The Role of Knowledge in Data-Driven Election Campaigns”. Sophie presented on day 3 in the panel on International Perspectives on Social Media and Political Communication chaired by Danielle K. Brown (University of Minnesota).

The presented paper was written with DATADRIVEN researchers Sophie Lecheler, Claes de Vreese, Sanne Kruikemeier. The researchers explore what voters know about data-driven political advertising (DDPA), and how this knowledge might affect engagement with data-driven advertisements. Their preliminary findings emphasize the relevance of DDPA knowledge in the context of data-driven campaigns, and add to the debate on how to best empower voters. To see Sophie’s talk at the virtual IJPP conference 2021, see the video below or watch it on the IJPP YouTube channel.