Second offline meeting in Sheffield

1,5 years since the start of the DATADRIVEN project had to pass until team-members were finally able to meet their colleagues from the UK. The DATADRIVEN Team spent two days in April 2022 at the Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social  Sciences in Sheffield. Our hosts, Kate and Andrew, did a fantastic job to welcome our group.

This meeting was all about connecting the team on a professional level, as well as a personal level.

We discussed various topics concerned with the different work packages:

1) Social Media Platforms as regulators

2) What is new about data-driven campaigning?

3) How would a cross-national study on perceptions of data-driven campaigning look like? 

Having everyone sit around the same table sparked fruitful discussions as we were able to draw from each others’ expertise. Being in a room together, rather than on Zoom, also made it possible to ask the “big questions”, such as: What really are the intended and unintended consequences of data-driven campaigning? What questions do we have about data-driven campaigning that we don’t know how to answer?

We truly cannot wait until our DATADRIVEN team meets again in June in Vienna!

from left to right: Sophie Minihold, Jörg Matthes, Andrew Barclay, Rachel Gibson, Annelien van Remoortere, Selina Noetzel, Kate Dommett, Sophie Lecheler, Sanne Kruikemeier, and Rens Vliegenthart