AAA Conference 2022

March 24–27, 2022.

The first OFFLINE conference for DATADRIVEN members Selina Noetzel (PhD candidate), Alice Binder, and Jörg Matthes after two long years of abstinence. The verdict: virtual conferences cannot compete with on-site experiences!

Selina Noetzel presented the paper “How to Avoid Targeted Campaign Ads. Predicting Reactive and Preventive Avoidance Behaviors toward Targeted Political Advertising” (co-authored by Marlis Stubenvoll, Alice Binder, & Jörg Matthes) to the audience of the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 

She summarizes her experience as follows: “We experienced a very friendly, open, and welcoming atmosphere in St. Petersburg, Florida. The conference program was versatile and we were able to learn about some exciting new studies in the field. We received great and constructive feedback for our own study and had a fruitful discussion about it. Above that, it is such a special experience to finally put a (3D) face to the names that we so often encounter in our research – and being able to connect with them even!”